Checking for head lice - AGAIN (AGAIN & AGAIN)!

Hello mummies & daddies!

Unfortunately several kids have complained that their head itches, so I'd appreciate it if you could  check your child's head for head lice and - if necessary - take the necessary steps. It is very important that we all do this at the same time to avoid re-infestation!

Daily steps to help prevent head lice

  • Secure long hair in a bun or a plait to minimise ’hair-to-hair’ contact. 
  • Apply a repellant (tea tree essential oil or an essential oil blend such as "Sin Piojos" (Pranarom) to deter and defend against lice daily.
  • Check for head lice at least once a week (don't wait until they start scratching!) or use an electric comb to comb your child's hair.

Thanks, Miss P.