What to bring on your first day

Hello mummies & daddies! Welcome to P5!

We will be having a meeting to talk about all the changes for this year but, in the meantime, if you could please give your child the following items asap::


1. Plastic cup for drinking water

2. Spare set of clothes (t-shirt, shorts. socks, shoes & underwear)

3. Toilet bag with toothbrush & toothpaste

4. Pack of baby wipes (no box please)

5. Empty pencil case (the simple kind, with a zipper on top)

6. 4 passport photos


Everything should be identified with your child's name in a visible place.


Remember that the days we send the smock home for washing are Wednesday & Friday. The plastic cup goes home for washing on Friday.


Finally, we have our swimming class on Friday at 11:00 am. Kids are not supposed to come to school wearing their bathing suit since the class is after the morning break.. Just send the swimming bag on Friday morning with everything in it.



Miss P.