Parents Meeting

Hello mummies and daddies!


Just a short summary of the parents’ meeting that took place yesterday evening.


a)      Webpage: We explained all the different communication tools you can find on the Parents’ page. Please refer to the handout for any details and feel free to ask me any questions you may have. (The handout is in your child’s diary if you couldn’t make it yesterday)


b)      E-mails: I have already sent a couple of emails so if you haven’t received any yet please follow the instructions on the webpage to sign up for the group. (Parents > Notifications via Email)


c)       Teach your monster to read: Please follow the link on the Parent’s page (Parents > Teach your Monster) to see what the activity is about. This game consists of 3 levels, ideally one level for each term. Let your child play this game once a week but do so with a web explorer (Safari, Firefox, etc.) not via the app since I won’t be able to track his progress if you use the app. You will find your child’s username and password on a card in his diary if you weren’t in the meeting yesterday.  


d)      Letter: Miss Lyn wants you to write a letter for your child, telling him or her about what this school year is going to be about. Please don’t give this letter to your child but to me. Once I have all the letters I will give them back to the kids as a surprise.


e)      Tutorial sessions: The calendar is already open, feel free to book your tutorial session following the link on the Parent’s page. Make sure you book at least two sessions throughout the school year, one at the beginning and one close to the end.


Again, feel free to ask me any questions you may still have.




Miss P.