Wrapping up the school year!

Hello mummies & daddies!




1) Tomorrow (Tuesday) we are going to play with water so please give your child:

1 (one) spare t-shirt

1 (one) spare short

1 (one) towel

1 (one) SMALL water gun or spraying bottle

1 (one) plastic bag to take all the wet things back home


2) Regarding the album bags that the kids are taking home on Wednesday:


a) Due to the rising temperatures, it has been impossible to finish the class book. You will see that pages 33-34 and 39-40 are NOT done. These are consolidating pages that you can finish at home as part of the summer homework activities.


b) You will find two stickers albums to complete as part of the summer homework activities (see the photo) as well as 2 (two) books: "Gorilla on the Run" and "Catch it"


Thanks, Miss P.