Working with iPads in the Classroom

Hello mummies & daddies!

When we are working with iPads in the classroom we have three different options:

1) The kids reenforce their knowledge of phonics or maths using different apps the teacher has chosen for the session taking her objectives into account.

2) Using interactive platforms such as Nearpod or Kahoot, the teacher is in control of the session presenting the kids with different problems or questions which they have to answer, sharing their results with the rest of the class.

3) Special projects such as a shared e-book, stop-motion films, or using the iPads as part of a science project, etc.

Here you can see some of these special projects, enjoy!


Miss P.

Examples of Classroom Activities

in this video, you can see how an interactive class with Kahoot looks like, which is something we do during our iPad session on a regular basis.

Experimenting with Stop Motion

Our Numbers E-book

Adding up E-book

e-pub version of Adding Up E-book
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Some of the Tools for our iPads Sessions: