What's everything made of?

Think of aluminium foil, what is it made of? What if I cut it into really small bits? Is it still aluminium foil?

Now think of water, what is it made of? What if I separate just one small drop, is it still water?

Are you sure?

Let's do a little experiment, what is happening? Why is the water turning different colours? What are these bubbles?

Aluminium and Water are different

While aluminium is made of only one thing, water is made of two different things or "elements": oxygen and hydrogen

These two parts get together to form a water "molecule". Think of it as a lego block

When water gets very cold, the molecules get together, like when you are building something in the classroom. When water gets warmer, the molecules separate from each other but they are still holding hands. But if the water gets really hot, the molecules don't want to be close to each other (after all, it is too hot!) so they jump out of the kettle and fly away.

So what is everything made of?

Everything, from your hair to the stars, is made of "elements" such as the oxygen and the hydrogen that make up water. To remember all of these elements, we organise them in a special table called "The Periodic Table". Can you find any interesting elements in this picture?

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